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Symphonie Aqua System

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Proud North American Exclusive Distributor of Symphonie Aqua System by Romedis

The Symphonie Aqua System makes it possible to recreate the loading forces on the residual limb exactly as they would be inside a prosthetic socket under actual full weight bearing conditions, producing an accurate and properly fitting plaster impression. The Symphonie Aqua System significantly reduces/eliminates the need for the cast modifications and the guesswork required when traditional, non-weight bearing casting methods are used.


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high Quality, HIgh vac, low cost:
The First universal mechanical vacuum ankle

Vista Ankle (CA500-BMP)  is a universal (fits any prosthetic foot) single-axis prosthetic ankle joint designed for elevated vacuum suspension. A US -patented hydraulic version is coming soon. 

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Cypress Adaptive, LLC is an innovative company founded by professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the O&P market.

Cypress Adaptive develops, manufactures and distributes a stream of unique prosthetic products and continually seeks strategic alliances with other innovators to supplement our own product line. Our goal is to offer the industry a line of products that are extremely cost effective while maintaining the highest quality standards. Cypress Adaptive strives to offer unparalleled prosthetic solutions and service that evolve with the needs of the clinician and end user.

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