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Proud North American Exclusive Distributor of Symphonie Aqua System by Romedis


The Symphonie Aqua System makes it possible to recreate the loading forces on the residual limb exactly as they would be inside a prosthetic socket under actual full weight bearing conditions, producing an accurate and properly fitting plaster impression.

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View More Symphonie Aqua Videos

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Winner of the Technology Award – Germany

This award is sponsored by the Ministers of Economy and Technology.  Every year the award is only presented to a group of only 10 companies from all types of industries, Transportation, Energy, Medical etc...  You have to have a revolutionary concept to even qualify.




“Cypress Adaptive’s Symphonie Aqua Casting System is a useful tool in our patient care arsenal. We have had a lot of success using the Symphonie system and our patients really like their Symphonie casted sockets. The weight-bearing casting method closely replicates the forces an amputee will experience while standing in a prosthesis, which leads to precise socket fits and increased comfort for our patients.”

— Daniel H. Bastian, CP
Progressive O&P

”The Symphonie Aqua System was very easy to learn and we achieved great results immediately. Being able to capture the shape of the limb under weight bearing conditions results in fewer visits, less modification time and a superior socket fit. The first day after our initial training, we invited a few amputees that have been difficult to fit. In the past, they would require 3-4 diagnostic sockets to achieve average results. With the Symphonie Aqua System, we achieved a perfect fit with the first diagnostic socket and no adjustments needed.”

— Eric Schatz,BSME, CPO
International Prosthetics & Orthotics

“The Symphonie Aqua System is an outstanding casting technique. It generates casts that reflect ‘load bearing’ tissue displacement and clear skeletal definition. Once I established a casting combination, my fits have ranged from 0-3 ply with 10-15 minutes of cast modification time. My passive Symphonie System gives new amputees a sense of what’s to come, my veteran amputees exposure to new casting options, and me time to see more patients or to take a pause that refreshes. The learning curve is well worth the results.”

— Adam Lehotay, CP
Lehotay Prosthetics, LLC

“The Symphonie Aqua System has revolutionized our prosthetic services. The accuracy and the repeated success of each socket , truly enhances our quality and comfort for each patient. I’ve enjoyed practicing for over 45 years but the Symphonie system makes coming to work fun again”

— Frank Snell, CPO, LPO, FAAOP
Snell Prosthetics and Orthotics

Est. 1911 (107 yo)

“The Symphonie casting system is the single greatest prosthetic advancement I have seen in my 30 plus years of experience in the Prosthetics field.  Component technology has significantly improved and patients have benefited from increased mobility and safety however, the best components in the world can never be fully utilized unless the socket is well fitting and comfortable. Symphonie is unique in that it allows a Prosthetist to capture the shape of the limb under weight bearing conditions. Hand casting and digital scanning capture the shape of the limb while the patient is seated. The soft tissue hangs down distorting the limb shape and the inexperienced prosthetists further distorts the limb shape with improper techniques. With traditional hand casting and digital scanning, the difference between fat, skin, and muscle density is not accounted for.  Symphonie addresses all of these issues and allows all Prosthetists to achieve consistent outcomes and provide more comfortable, well fitting sockets to their patients regardless of clinical experience.”

— Sam Santa Rita, CP, Founder Serving amputees since age 12 SRT Prosthetics & Orthotics

”Our patient model, Gaven just told me: “that was the best 1st fitting socket he has ever had.” He’s had about 25 sockets in the past since his amputation”

— Terry L. Kalter, MS, CPO, BOCO, LPO

Chief Prosthetic Clinical Services

VISN 2 South

Department of Veteran Affairs

New York Harbor Healthcare System

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